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Estate planning for a special needs child

Many Cleveland area residents have a child with special needs. These children require a lot of specialized care, including medical care, personal care and education. This can be very time-consuming and expensive for the families who love these children. Planning for their future is important in order to make sure their needs are met for the rest of their lives.

Will guardianships be necessary to care for a loved one?

When an Ohioan has a family member who is unable to care for him or herself, a guardianship might be the only viable option to ensure they are taken care of properly. In the state, the law says that there can be a guardianship when the person cannot handle medical issues, finances and basic needs and there is no other choice available. Knowing when a guardianship might be the preferred option and how to go about it is crucial to the process.

Guardianships for children when the unthinkable happens

One of the most difficult parts of estate planning for parents is trying to decide the best interests of one's minor children in the event of a tragedy. Single parents may feel the burden of this possibility more than others, but all Ohio parents eventually realize that there are no guarantees in life, and there is always the chance that their children could be left without parents. While this heartache is nothing to dwell on, it is definitely something for which to prepare through careful estate planning and designating trusted people to guardianships.

What is guardianship?

There is no way around it. We all age. And as we age, our needs might change. For some, it is difficult to meet these needs on our own due to the ailments and conditions that can come with old age. When a loved one is deemed incapacitated and unable to make healthcare and financial decisions on their own, this is when it is important to start considering guardianship.

Helping you set up a guardianship for a loved one

It can be challenging for Ohio residents to think about their elder years or the end of their life. This is especially true if you are still young and relatively healthy and fit. Nonetheless, it is never too soon t think about you future and what may occur if you are no longer able to care for yourself. This can be a very imperative estate planning step, helping loved ones understand your wishes while also giving yourself a peace of mind.

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