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Events that can affect an estate plan

Many Cleveland residents have taken the time to create an estate plan. An estate plan is important in making sure a person's wishes are followed in the event of an incapacitation event or death. But an estate plan doesn't just end when it is created, there are certain events that can affect an estate plan.

Digital estate planning

Estate planning does not just involve the typical wills and trusts anymore. With advancements in technology and cyber accounts, many Ohio residents have a digital presence as well. These digital assets need to be covered in estate planning.

Can you amend a trust?

Cleveland area residents who have created a trust understand the importance of planning ahead to protect their assets. A trust is an estate planning tool that many choose to use for their needs. Occasionally there are aspects of the trust that need to be amended.

Keeping an effective estate plan current is important

When estate planning, it is important to think of the long term and any changes to the estate planner's life. Estate planning helps to account for asset distribution, medical and financial considerations if the estate planner becomes incapacitated or otherwise. Estate planning is important for everyone to consider and with knowledge, understanding a few documents, an estate planner can develop an effective estate plan.

First steps to take in estate planning

The process of estate planning may seem overwhelming to many Cleveland area residents. It also may not be a priority for many families who are busy with their children and grandchildren. But, avoiding estate planning is not a good idea. There are simple first steps a person should take in setting up an estate plan.

Nursing home may be in the future for many Ohio residents

Many Ohio residents may worry about what will happen to them when they are no longer able to take care of themselves. This may happen to a great number of people, and without a plan a family can wonder who is going to be paying for skilled nursing care.

Creating a successful business succession plan

Owning a business is an American dream for many Cleveland residents. Families that have grown their business over the years are proud of their accomplishments, and rightfully so. Creating and building a business is hard work. Preparing a business for the next generation is an important step that all business owners should work on.

Update your estate plan now in order to avoid problems later

Many Cleveland residents have taken the time to create an estate plan. They understand the importance of preparing for their family's future, whether it be by allocating assets, naming guardians, setting up trusts, giving to charity or creating a health care plan. But, because of recent laws, it is important that everyone take another look at their estate plan.

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I am attorney Dorothea J. Kingsbury. I provide good advice and real solutions to challenging problems. I can help you choose and personalize estate planning instruments that meet your family's present and future needs. I can develop elder law strategies that ensure proper care for your loved ones. I can guide you through the probate/estate administration process when a family member has passed away. I can help make sure your interests are protected during your real estate transaction. I am here to make things easier.

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