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Revocable living trusts as an estate planning tool

Many Cleveland area residents understand the value that estate planning can bring. Knowing how a person's assets will be distributed upon their death can offer them peace of mind. A person can also feel like they are in control of their estate and can arrange things exactly as they feel fit.

Creating education trusts can help loved ones significantly

For people in Ohio who are in the process of considering how best to establish trusts for their loved ones, an issue that has become prominent in today's world could provide a guideline as to how to move forward. Since education costs are skyrocketing and people are being overwhelmed by unmanageable and impossible to pay student-loan payments, a greater number of people who are seeking a strategy for their trust are turning to an education trust. Knowing how to do this and if it is a good idea is essential to the estate plan.

When should wills be altered to reflect life changes?

Ohio residents are undoubtedly aware of the importance of having a comprehensive estate plan. Part of that is crafting a will. However, not all situations stay the same from the time the will is drafted. When there are changes to a person's life circumstances, it is a wise decision to change the details of the will. Changing wills might sound like it is complicated, but it is not. Updating a will is sometimes just as important as crafting it in the first place. Knowing when this should be done is an important aspect of the estate plan.

Exploring the benefits of a charitable trust

When it comes to estate planning, individuals have a wide variety of options. This can easily become complex and confusing, as one may not know what they need or how these documents will impact their future. Thus, it is important to understand how estate planning documents, such as a trust, work and how they could benefit you.

Benefits of a special needs trust

Depending on the detail of your life, an estate plan can take on a vastly different form when compared to the next person. Just like every person is unique, an estate plan can include many parts to address the current and growing needs of the testator. And for those with family members living with a disability, an estate plan could be designed to meet these current and future needs. A special needs trust could benefit an individual seeking or currently receiving disability benefits through a government program.

What's the difference between primary and contingent beneficiary?

No matter when you decide to initiate the estate planning process, it is important to understand what decisions you need to make and how it could impact how your wishes and intentions are played out. When it comes to retirement accounts, you must be sure to name a beneficiary. In addition, that named beneficiary should not conflict with those named in your will. While this can seem easy enough, individuals in Ohio and elsewhere can find this process challenging and confusing, especially when they are required to name an added beneficiary as a contingency.

Helping you draft the best estate plan for you

Thinking about the future and the end of your life is not pleasant. However, we are all human beings, and we all must face the fact that we will not be around forever. Certain life events often trigger us to think about planning for our future and protecting our loved ones. Whether it is a new job, the purchase of a home, the birth of a child, the diagnosis of a disease or retirement, many life events can spark the estate planning process.

Avoiding common estate planning mistakes

For most Ohio residents, taking the time to protect their future is important. A vital part of one's current and future life is their finances. While we cannot predict what life will bring or what our assets will look like at the time of our deaths, it is still important to take precautionary steps to protect your property and assets after your passing. Developing an estate plan, however, is not always an easy task. And for some, it is easy to rush through it or fall for common misconceptions and pitfalls.

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I am attorney Dorothea J. Kingsbury. I provide good advice and real solutions to challenging problems. I can help you choose and personalize estate planning instruments that meet your family's present and future needs. I can develop elder law strategies that ensure proper care for your loved ones. I can guide you through the probate/estate administration process when a family member has passed away. I can help make sure your interests are protected during your real estate transaction. I am here to make things easier.

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