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What should one consider before accepting the role of executor?

Making a decision as to who should be executor of one's estate is not always easy. The person designated as executor of an estate needs to be capable, organized and responsible. Sometimes a person in Cleveland chooses an attorney to serve in this role. However, other times a person will want to designate a friend or relative to fulfill this role. While this can be an honor, those who are asked to serve as the executor of a loved one's estate should make sure they can properly carry out their duties before accepting this responsibility.

Ensuring a pet is taken care when something happens to its owner

Many Cleveland area residents own pets. The American Pet Products Association estimates that 68 percent of American households own a pet. When a pet owner dies before their pet, having a plan in place in this situation is a good idea.

Is a will enough for your estate?

Many Cleveland residents have taken the time to think about their estate planning options. Estate planning is important in order for families to pass their assets to the people and organizations that they find important. Many people have heard of wills, but are they enough to meet a family's estate planning needs?

New Year's resolutions for estate planning

The time of year for New Year's resolutions has come. Many people are making resolutions for losing weight, eating better and saving more money. But, estate planning is not usually making anyone's resolution list, even though estate planning is important for nearly everyone in the Cleveland area.

Understanding the roles of an executor of an estate

We all are faced with difficult decisions that we must make for the future. This can be both overwhelming and nerve wrecking because we simply cannot predict the future. Nonetheless, we can make speculations and anticipations, making it somewhat clear what our wishes might be. This is only one factor that makes the estate planning process challenging and the process that is often delayed or put off until the last minute.

Helpful tips for holiday estate planning discussions

It may be difficult to believe, but Labor Day weekend is just over a week away. What is largely observed as the last summer holiday will be marked with family gatherings. If you know anything about family gatherings, you tend to learn more about your family every time, which make these events prime opportunities to discuss estate planning.

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I am attorney Dorothea J. Kingsbury. I provide good advice and real solutions to challenging problems. I can help you choose and personalize estate planning instruments that meet your family's present and future needs. I can develop elder law strategies that ensure proper care for your loved ones. I can guide you through the probate/estate administration process when a family member has passed away. I can help make sure your interests are protected during your real estate transaction. I am here to make things easier.

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