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Is a charitable trust right for your estate plan?

Many people find themselves faced with a cause they cannot ignore. The need may involve human rights, animal welfare, environmental concerns or matters of faith, among others. As their interest in the cause grows, they may begin to take a more active role in supporting it. For some, this is a personal and hands-on offering. Many others make their contribution financially, to ensure the continued success of something in which they strongly believe.

Will your loved one's estate need probate or administration?

You, like most Ohio residents, know that the manner in which various situations proceed can depend heavily on whether any plans were made to address the particular scenario. Often, when individuals plan ahead, events tend to go more smoothly and with fewer complications. On the other hand, even without a plan, certain proceedings must still move forward. When it comes to closing a recently deceased individual's estate, with or without a plan, legal processes must take place.

Do you need to update your estate plan? The answer is likely yes.

If you have already created an estate plan, you are ahead of many Ohio residents who have put off the process for various reasons. Some individuals may think they do not have enough assets to need a plan, still have time to create one or simply do not like thinking about their potential demise. However, avoiding estate planning altogether could prove detrimental.

What should you expect from the probate process?

When a loved one passes away, it can leave grieving families to deal with a host of financial and legal responsibilities. One of these includes dealing with the estate of the decedent. If a loved one passed away, your Florida family may have to navigate the probate process, even if he or she had a valid will.

Growing older as an elder orphan

If you are one of the 25 percent of Americans who are approaching 65, have no children, and are widowed or never married, you may have increasing concerns about your future. Some people refer to those in this situation as elder orphans. You may have enjoyed a certain amount of freedom in your lifetime, but you may also wonder who will care for you in your final years and tend to your estate after you pass.

Exploring the potential advantages of a power of attorney

You may find that certain circumstances in life can be difficult, if not impossible, to predict. However, even if you cannot foresee future events, you may be able to form a strategy that is in keeping with your wishes, which could prove exceedingly beneficial should the need ever arise.

There is little glory in the job of an estate executor

Anyone who has ever served as the executor of a loved one's estate will likely say it is both an honor and a burden. In fact, few who have the experience ever want to repeat it, and they may take extra care in choosing their own executors to avoid leaving loved ones with the stress and frustration the duties entail.

DIY estate planning options may not provide most useful tools

Though you may understand the importance of having an estate plan, you may also feel some reluctance to get started on the process of creating one. The idea of deciding what will happen to your estate after your death may seem a bit morbid for your tastes, and you may simply wish you could avoid the situation altogether. However, because dying intestate can have complications of its own, you may choose to go ahead with the planning process.

A special needs trust may benefit your disabled child

Having a child with special needs can often present many joys and challenges throughout life. Though his or her disability may have no bearing on your willingness to care for your child, you undoubtedly know that he or she will likely need care even after you are gone. Because of this need, you may wish to consider preparing for such a scenario when creating your estate plan.

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