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It can be challenging for Ohio residents to think about their elder years or the end of their life. This is especially true if you are still young and relatively healthy and fit. Nonetheless, it is never too soon t think about you future and what may occur if you are no longer able to care for yourself. This can be a very imperative estate planning step, helping loved ones understand your wishes while also giving yourself a peace of mind.

Establishing guardianship is a difficult event for individuals to plan for. It might happen unexpectedly, and a loved one may initiate an action to help protect your vulnerability. Guardianships are designed for vulnerable adults as well as disabled adults and minors. At Dorothea J. Kingsbury, Attorney at Law, our experienced legal team understands the challenges and emotional response that come with guardianships. Thus, we are dedicated to helping individuals in the Cleveland area properly navigate the drafting process.

A guardianship has the ability to address two important factors. First, designating a guardianship of an estate helps protect the individual's finances and other responsibilities toward the estate holder. In comparison, a guardianship of an individual addressed the care of that person, focusing on their personal needs.

Guardianship is considered to be necessary when there is a risk for exploitation or self-neglect of a loved one. And if the person in question did not previously address this scenario in their estate plan, loved ones may need to step forward, developing and petitioning for guardianship for the safety and best interests of their loved one.

To learn more, check out our law firm's guardianship website. While it can be an emotional and difficult process to initiate, it is important to note that the benefits can be tremendous. Thus, loved ones should become fully informed of the process and what they can do to protect their loved ones.

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