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September 2017 Archives

What is guardianship?

There is no way around it. We all age. And as we age, our needs might change. For some, it is difficult to meet these needs on our own due to the ailments and conditions that can come with old age. When a loved one is deemed incapacitated and unable to make healthcare and financial decisions on their own, this is when it is important to start considering guardianship.

DIY estate planning options may not provide most useful tools

Though you may understand the importance of having an estate plan, you may also feel some reluctance to get started on the process of creating one. The idea of deciding what will happen to your estate after your death may seem a bit morbid for your tastes, and you may simply wish you could avoid the situation altogether. However, because dying intestate can have complications of its own, you may choose to go ahead with the planning process.

Helping you set up a guardianship for a loved one

It can be challenging for Ohio residents to think about their elder years or the end of their life. This is especially true if you are still young and relatively healthy and fit. Nonetheless, it is never too soon t think about you future and what may occur if you are no longer able to care for yourself. This can be a very imperative estate planning step, helping loved ones understand your wishes while also giving yourself a peace of mind.

Remember retirement accounts when drafting an estate plan

It is not rare to plan for your future. This means different things to each person and family; however, when it comes to your financial wellbeing, estate planning tends to come to mind. This is a very effective and often vital tool to include in your life. In general, it is something one should do sooner than later.

What are the basics of estate planning?

We can't help but think about the future. While it is not always clear what the future might hold for individuals in Ohio and elsewhere, it is possible to gain assurance and comfort in knowing what might happen after you pass. Although it is unpleasant to think about death, it is a reality everyone faces. Thus, it is important to take steps to protect your financial future. An estate plan can help outline your wishes and ensure they are met.

Using trusts to leave a home to heirs during your lifetime

As Ohio residents age, they likely begin to think about everything they have accumulated in life and how it might be treated after their death. While thinking about death is never an easy topic to tackle, it is an obstacle that needs to be overcome during the estate planning process. While most individuals draft an estate plan to memorialize their wishes at the end of their life and after their passing, it is also possible to use this process to exercise certain estate decisions during your lifetime.

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I am attorney Dorothea J. Kingsbury. I provide good advice and real solutions to challenging problems. I can help you choose and personalize estate planning instruments that meet your family's present and future needs. I can develop elder law strategies that ensure proper care for your loved ones. I can guide you through the probate/estate administration process when a family member has passed away. I can help make sure your interests are protected during your real estate transaction. I am here to make things easier.

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