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August 2017 Archives

Helpful tips for holiday estate planning discussions

It may be difficult to believe, but Labor Day weekend is just over a week away. What is largely observed as the last summer holiday will be marked with family gatherings. If you know anything about family gatherings, you tend to learn more about your family every time, which make these events prime opportunities to discuss estate planning.

A special needs trust may benefit your disabled child

Having a child with special needs can often present many joys and challenges throughout life. Though his or her disability may have no bearing on your willingness to care for your child, you undoubtedly know that he or she will likely need care even after you are gone. Because of this need, you may wish to consider preparing for such a scenario when creating your estate plan.

Is it time to update your estate plan?

Congratulations on creating your estate plan. By taking this step, you have created a way for your surviving family to know your end-of-life wishes regarding care, property distribution and a variety of other topics relating to your life. Of course, you may want to remember that only finishing your first draft of your plan does not mean you have completely done away with the need to plan.

Unexpected events and retirement

There are a lot of expectations a person may have about their retirement. Sometimes, reality ends up deviating quite a bit from such expectations. There are many different unexpected events that might occur during a person’s retirement or in the time leading up to it.

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