A trust is a powerful estate planning instrument. A trust can cover a lot of ground, providing effective mechanisms for managing aspects of your life today, dealing with potential problems before they happen, and addressing concerns that relate to your death and your assets.

A trust can help you minimize your tax exposure, provide for your loved ones, give to worthy causes, and maintain your privacy. In some cases, trusts help families avoid probate altogether. These are powerful benefits that you may be interested in discussing with an estate planning lawyer.

Properly Written, Properly Funded, And Properly Administered

At the office of Dorothea J. Kingsbury Attorney at Law in Cleveland, Ohio, I help my clients equip themselves with trusts that are tailored to their exact needs — trusts that are properly written, properly funded, and properly administered:

  • Revocable living trusts that allow the grantor to have control of his or her trust while he or she is living
  • Special needs trusts and supplemental needs trusts that protect loved ones with disabilities
  • Irrevocable trusts that take assets out of an estate — and cannot be changed by the grantor
  • Marital trusts (sometimes referred to as A-B trusts) that simplify the transfer of assets between spouses when one spouse dies
  • Educational trusts that make arrangements regarding the educational costs of children, grandchildren, or other loved ones
  • Life insurance trusts that specify what will happen to life insurance proceeds when the policyholder dies

Contact Me For Comprehensive Guidance

Every estate situation is different. Trusts are not appropriate or necessary for everyone. Talk to me, Cleveland trust attorney Dorothea J. Kingsbury, if you have questions about your estate plan.