Real Estate Transactions

Just as every property is unique, every real estate transaction is unique. Each deal brings its own sense of excitement about possibilities — and also a sense of anxiety because there is always the risk of loss.

As an attorney with decades of experience handling commercial and residential real estate transactions in the Cleveland area, I fully understand this duality. If you are seeking advice or representation regarding a real estate transaction in northern Ohio, I can help you.

I Facilitate Smooth Residential And Commercial Deals — Purchases, Sales, And Leases

At the office Dorothea J. Kingsbury, I work with clients on residential and commercial real estate deals, making sure their interests are protected. If you are purchasing, selling, or leasing a property in Ohio, I can:

  • Review all the documents before you sign them
  • Examine every element of the transaction and walk you through potential pitfalls
  • Help you understand your options and exercise caution on the front end to minimize the possibility of litigation in the future
  • Assist you in obtaining objective valuation of the property in question
  • Assess any potential problems with a buyer, seller, broker, lessor, or other party
  • Talk you through all relevant aspects of your financing or investment

Be safe, not sorry, when it comes to your deal. Talk to a skilled lawyer about your real estate matter.

Talk To A Real Estate Transaction Lawyer In Cleveland

Contact me to discuss your transaction. I can answer your questions. I can make sure you are set up to win.