Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney (sometimes referred to as a POA) is a legal document that tells a court what you want to happen under certain conditions. A power of attorney can be used to clearly indicate what your wishes and preferences are in the event of your incapacitation or unconsciousness.

A POA can promptly put a trusted loved one in charge of your affairs, medical care, and finances if you become unable to make decisions about those things — rather than leaving you exposed to the winds of wishful thinking or blissful ignorance. Many people derive peace of mind from knowing their affairs will be covered if something bad happens.

Make Sure Your Wishes Are Known — And Adhered To

I am Dorothea J. Kingsbury, a northern Ohio lawyer with decades of experience in estate planning and estate administration. I advise individuals and families who have questions about powers of attorney — as well as clients who didn't know they were at risk without proper powers of attorney. I can help you make important choices about:

  • A durable power of attorney that remain in effect until you die
  • A limited power of attorney that addresses a particular area of your life such as your mortgage payment, your bank account, or another financial matter
  • Health care powers of attorney, which can designate who makes decisions about your medical care and what medical interventions you want or don't want
  • The relationship between your will and your power(s) of attorney
  • What you can do now to prevent future confusion or stress for your loved ones

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