Medicaid Planning

Many families worry about how they will cover the cost of medical care and long-term care for their loved ones. They may be aware of government programs, like Medicaid, that are essential in the lives of millions of older Americans, but they may not know exactly how to access these programs.

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At the office of Dorothea J. Kingsbury Attorney at Law, I help my clients address critical matters related to Medicaid, long-term care, and health care. As an experienced elder law attorney, I assist families by structuring their long-term care arrangements in a careful, sustainable manner. Through the strategic use of planning tools for effective long-term care, I help families worry less, answering questions like:

  • When should I start Medicaid planning?
  • Is it too late to plan for Medicaid?
  • When should I start giving my assets away so I can go on Medicaid? (People actually do ask this question, so it needs to be addressed.)
  • Do I have a plan that will properly address nursing home care, assisted living, or long-term care?
  • What does "spend-down" look like for me and my family? What other estate planning tools can I use to make sure I'm not exposed to preventable tax liability?

Every situation is different — that's not just a catch phrase when it comes to Medicaid planning. Get the help you and your family need to be prepared for the future.

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Medicaid is a misunderstood topic that is frequently written about on the Internet and in social media, but often in a way that. To get your questions answered, talk to an experienced Medicaid planning lawyer in the Cleveland, Ohio, area. Contact me to discuss your situation.